Live and Online Seminars
  1. 2016 CARES Sports Medicine Conference: August 20-21, 2016 (On Demand)


    10.50 hours


    Presented by: Darryl Millis, Marti Drum

    Live Web Telecast and On Demand

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  2. Web Telecast/On-Demand - UT CARES 2017 - Canine Arthritis, Rehabilitation, Exercise and Sports Medicine - December 2-3, 2017


    11 hours


    Presented by: Alex Washburn, Darryl Millis, Dawn Hickey, Jeffery Biskup, Lt. Arthur E. Wolff, Marti Drum, Maryanne Murphy

    Unfortunately this course has been cancelled.  Please contact us if you have any ?'s @

    Live Web Telecast and On Demand

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  3. 2015 Fall Into Rehab, Advanced Approaches to Canine Rehabilitation (On Demand)


    13 hours


    Presented by: Ron Riegel, Debbie (Gross) Torraca, Angela Witzel, Matthew Brunke, Christopher Ralphs, Cory Sims

    "On Demand" online access! This is an excellent opportunity for those working in this field to come together in a collaborative manner and learn and exchange their expertise with each other. Learn More
  4. 2015 Sports Medicine Conference (Webcast)

    From: $85.00

    To: $150.00

    13.25 hours

    Webcast Online

    Presented by: Barbara Eves, Dan Faulkner, Darryl Millis, David Levine, Kerry Fisher, Russ Hornfisher

    Available Live Web Telecast and On-Demand for 60 Days Learn More

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