Equine Rehabilitation Certificate Program

Orthopaedic Research Center

In cooperation with Colorado State University Orthopaedic Research Center

The certificate program in equine rehabilitation is a sequence of postgraduate courses for veterinarians, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and veterinary technicians or students of these professions, case studies and a cumulative examination.  The courses are designed to guide the practitioner from the theoretical foundations to the clinical applications of equine rehabilitation.

Our mission is to promote the art and science of equine rehabilitation, this will be achieved by:

  • Educating professions in the principles and practical application of equine rehabilitation
  • Promoting and support research that will advance the knowledge, skill and treatment of equine rehabilitation
  • Making the benefits of equine rehabilitation known to the veterinary, physical therapy and related professions

Equine I:  Online Lecture Series:  Introduction to Equine Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Modalities & Conditions Amenable to Rehabilitation - AAVSB RACE Approval #120-17084

Equine II:  Live Hands-on Labs:    November 4 - 10, 2019 - AAVSB RACE Approval #120-17085  

Equine III - Online Exam:  Certificate Program Final Examination and Case Presentations - (November 2019 attendees:  Online Exam dates determined during lab dates) 
February 2019 Lab attendees:  Exam Module 1 and Exam Module 2 online exam dates:  April 22 (8AM) - May 27 (8AM)