Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Rehabilitation Technicians (NorthStar Vets in NJ)

January 8, 2019 5:52:26 PM EST

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Certified Rehabilitation Technicians

NorthStar VETS is seeking a Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, as well as Certified Rehabilitation Technicians to join its team!

NorthStar VETS is an award-winning veterinary specialty and emergency hospital committed to being the best in one of the nation's busiest parts of the country. With so many pets in the area, we are looking to meet demand for sports medicine. This is why NorthStar VETS is expanding this service!

Because NorthStar VETS is one of the last privately-held specialty practices in the tri-state area, the culture is different than you'll find at corporate hospitals. The atmosphere is collaborative, meaning that you'd have direct access to many veterinary specialists in over a dozen specialties with whom to consult, and this is encouraged with daily morning cage-side rounds. You will also receive many in-house referrals because our team works so closely together. This team also ranks nationally as one of the best for referring veterinarian satisfaction. You should also know that NorthStar VETS does not offer general medicine and has no residents or interns, which means your immediate colleagues would all be trained veterinary professionals at the top of their game.

The Staff at NorthStar VETS enjoy a nice work-life balance, reimbursement programs, money for continuing education, a higher than average support-staff-to-doctor ratio, friendly and helpful coworkers, management who listens, plus great pay and other benefits. If you are a hard-working, innovative, and compassionate individual who wants to practice the best medicine for your patients, this may be the right fit for you. Please learn more on our website: To explore this possibility a little further, reach out to Chief of Staff, Dr. Daniel Stobie, at or at 609.223.1510. 

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Shawn Clukey