Rehabilitation Technician/Assistant - Veterinary Rehabilitation Center of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

May 16, 2019 12:10:20 PM EDT

Veterinary Rehabilitation Center of Wisconsin is seeking a rehabilitation technician/assistant to join our Madison, WI clinic.  Our ideal candidate is certified and experienced in all facets of canine rehabilitation, passionate about the field of veterinary rehabilitation, values a team environment and loves to learn.   Current canine rehabilitation students with a history of dog handling experience will be considered.

VRCW exclusively provides veterinary rehabilitation services.  Our rehab team includes rehab certified veterinarians (CCRP) who are also certified in veterinary acupuncture, a physical therapist (CCRT) and a certified veterinary technician (CCRVN).

Our facility is located in west Madison, near Verona in the same building as Edinger Surgical Options (ESO).  We work in conjunction with ESO to provide patient care for all orthopedic and neurologic post surgery patients during RECOVERY STAY ™.  In addition, we see patients on referral from other surgical and general practices throughout the state of WI and beyond.  VRCW has a growing clientele of canine athletes so interest in dog sports is a plus!   Our facility includes a large therapeutic exercise room, therapy pool, underwater treadmill, litegait trainer, therapeutic laser, Pulse Vet shockwave system, PEMF mat and loops, and TENS/NMES units.

Qualified candidate must be able to multitask in a fast paced working environment, maintain a high level of organization and communication, maintain accurate medical records and rehabilitation logs, work independently and be able to lift 50 pounds.

Interested candidates should send their resume to Dr. Lara Day at

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Shawn Clukey